Success stories from the clients we've helped


Marjorie—There is nothing better than spending an afternoon with you! Your engaging presentation and contagious passion—all struck home. 8-10 students dropped by my office hours this morning already, and many others have sent me emails overnight, building on your comments, with follow up questions (timing, loudness, listening, gesture, etc). You obviously touched many of these young architects lives, and will undoubtedly shape their future personal and professional lives. On behalf of all the students, Victor, Marthe and I...THANK YOU! Max Underwood AIA President’s Professor The Design School | The Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

Well it's official! I called (the client) to thank her profusely and she said that we brought our "A" game to the presentation . It was a no brainer in choosing us. Again thank you Marjorie! You truly were the catalyst in getting us in our "A" game and this is a sentiment shared by all!...Thank you for being a joy to work with but yet firm enough to keep us on track and together. It made all the difference in the world in our ultimate experience, and in making this a memorable moment in our professional careers! Manager

The presentation went great , in no small part to your coaching. Thank you for your help. We expect to hear on December 1. We'll let you know as soon as we hear. Project Manager

I felt like everything you hoped to accomplish came out...One panel member said we answered the question better than he would have. You helped us reach our potential and we thank you. Thanks to my team. The best I have ever led to an interview! Principal Project Manager

scene Thank you Marjorie for the brilliant leadership. Senior VP

Many thanks to you for your outstanding work with the team. I was yesterday proud like a father with his kids, when you see them going to the University exams and you have done all your best to prepare and support them, and you realize that they are ready and prepared for the test! Global Development Director

Thank you Marjorie. Your insights and clear direction helped elevate our team to their full potential. You are very gifted. I am grateful to have your insights. Founder and President

Thanks for driving us —tough job but necessary. Senior VP

Marjorie, Thank you again for your help with our team this week. We had very little time to prepare, but the interview went as well as it could have , largely in thanks to you. Our fingers are crossed to hear the outcome. Associate Principal

Marjorie. I am a better version of me ...because of you. CEO

Marjorie—thank you so much! You're the best. We are not the same team we were a couple of weeks ago. We are so much better! We have you to thank for that. Project Manager Thank you Marjorie for everything. It has been an amazing experience. I hope we can work together again in the future. Business Development

Marjorie— The Team nailed it. We did the best that we have to date! Everyone hit their points and worked off each other. During Q&A we supported each other and answered the questions. They told us that we did a "GREAT job.." No reason to say GREAT if we hadn't. They could have said "Good job". Also, unsolicited, I received a text from one of the interviewers saying that "Your Team killed it". I am truly proud of everyone and the strides we have come in one week. Thank you all for your focus, energy, and passion.Extra special thanks to you Marjorie for pushing us to be our best selves and succeed. We couldn't have done it without you. Vice President

Marjorie, this was won because of you!!! VP

scene I had dinner with (the client) last night...We won it in the interview! He said that although the (other) team did a good job, they did not have the synergy and energy that (we) had . He mentioned how well the team worked together and that the transitions between speakers were really smooth and well done. (He) is a boots-in-the mud construction guy—but he was impressed with the "performance"! Hats off to Marjorie for whipping our team into shape!! Congratulations again for a great win!! VP

WE WON!!!!! The GOOD NEWS from the client:
1. Most coordinated team (my goal since day one)
2. Best Presentation!
3. Most Energy!

Thank you for all of your help and support! I'm soooo excited! VP

Now that we know we won, I want to thank all of you again for this outstanding effort. Excellent team work exhibited by all ... Marjorie did an outstanding job of getting us to realize our full potential and really communicate as human beings during the interview. VP

There is nothing better than spending an afternoon with you! Your engaging presentation and contagious passion—all struck home. 8-10 students dropped by my office hours this morning already, and many others have sent me emails overnight, building on your comments, with follow up questions. VP

Great to meet you and thank you very much for the presentation coaching—your input definitely improved our performance. The team did well in the interview: warm, enthusiastic and engaging. We had a good ensemble quality—like, well ... An experienced team that had already worked together! I definitely came away with some enduring lessons learned for presentations. Good news for me and all who have to be on the receiving end of my presentations. Sr. VP


I wanted to thank you again for your excellent work the last few days! Very impressive. You helped us make it thru the last mile. Project Manager

Thanks to you, if I am ever picked to be part of another presentation, I will always have confidence in participating. Lines from "The Christmas Story" come to mind when the dad won the leg lamp: "I won! I won! I won!" "It's a major award!" Project Manager

Congratulations. I just received word … that we have been designated for the Reconstruction of the I-95/I-91/Route 34 Interchange in New Haven. Marjorie Burren—You are the greatest. You have so much energy and immerse yourself in each presentation. Your hard work and total commitment to each team you work with pays off again and again! President / CEO


To you Marjorie, thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise and making me better at something I use to loathe. I thought giving birth would have been better than what I had to do yesterday, but I have since changed my mind. Director

You pulled together a great team of experienced individuals, and I feel privileged to be part of it. I think everyone did a great job at the interview. VP

Thanks for helping us out, enjoyed the process . Impressed that you can come in and crack the whip in a room full of men. VP


You scored number one out of all the presenters in Southern CA – Congratulations. Excellent job. VP

Time well spent. • Excellent! Bring in more professionals for these training sessions. • Do this at every one of the trainings—You can’t do this enough! • Awesome! • Very good and useful. • Excellent review in awesome related atmosphere. Director

I can't tell you how much I benefitted from that training. Between the inspiring stories you told us, the booklet, the techniques and the exercises we did, it all worked together phenomenally well. You are a new role model for me. Designer


Thanks Marjorie— I really don't think we would've gotten it done without you whipping us into shape ...Obviously, it would not have been the same quality of presentation without you. Thanks for the help. Project Manager

Excellent. Right mix of intensity and humor. Lots of great info. Very informative and Knowledgable, yet still entertaining. Extremely dedicated, with strong leadership skills Charismatic and great in general. Partner

We came in and wowed them . VP

Your observations were ‘dead on’ …We kept UCLA laughing from the beginning to the very end.   Sr. Construction Manager

I wanted to thank you for your tremendous support to our team over the past week and your world class patience. During the debriefing with the team, it was clear that each presenter felt happy with their performance. In my book that is the most important thing, that they felt good about it, which is usually a good pointer to the fact that they did a good job. Project Manager


THANK YOU!!! I really cannot adequately express my appreciation for all that you've done in the last few months for me personally and the team. It has indeed been a pleasure to meet and work with you. I will never be the same :).  The team was fantastic today thanks in a huge part to your coaching ...I really think we knocked their socks off. Manager

We won the recompete! We not only won it, we rocked . We came in first in overall scores, written technical and Oral Presentation...We know we couldn't have done it without you. Public Information Officer


The team absolutely nailed it, just nailed it , right there, just like all the rehearsals. It was great.  Presentation was so well done… it was all good, I was just so pleased… and we still had 2 minutes left for a closing. Perfect… VP

Marjorie—as the Team spokesperson—I would like to give many thanks and high praises for your work effort with the Team. Your coaching allowed us to grow from the Bad News Bears to the NY Yankees in a 3 day period! VP